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More than 75% of children have a developing malocclusion which is evident from as early as 5 years of age.

The global demand for orthodontics without braces continues to grow. It’s an option that many parents and patients would prefer. Early myofunctional orthodontic treatment using MRC's appliances can address the causes of the malocclusion while the child is still growing - often without the need for  braces or extractions.

Treatment considerations

The crucial message of myofunctional orthodontics is that patients should be breathing through their nose day and night, particularly at night time. When they’re breathing through their nose the tongue’s in the right spot and this leads to correction of occlusion.

It’s not quite this simple though. It becomes more complex because often patients don’t visit the clinic at 3-4 years of age, when their potential for development is at its greatest.  

It’s also crucial to understand that when there’s a malocclusion, there is a functional issue. The two elements are very much interrelated.

There are also a range of influencing factors that must be taken into consideration when providing treatment to patients. A patient’s biological dynamics, their motivation, specific social considerations and a range of other factors need to be considered.

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