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Patient FAQ

1. What is your treatment philosophy?

We practice minimally invasive dentistry in order to conserve as much of our patients own dentition as possible. We also have the ability to perform major procedures that may be necessary as well. If a referral is needed, we will confidently refer to specialists that we know and trust.

At Hills Dentistry, we always ensure our patients receive tailored and personalised dental care that will help keep their teeth for as long as possible, achieve healthier teeth and gums, improve facial aesthetics and ensure brighter smiles. We take the time to listen, communicate and manage every patient in a professional, honest and open way, ensuring they receive the best, specific treatment for them. 

3. I am a nervous patient, are your dentists gentle?

Our dentists always take the time to make every patient feel comfortable and calm, providing compassion, care and professionalism when checking teeth, explaining options and completing treatments

2. I see a lot of photos of teeth and dentistry online these days, will I need that treatment? ​​

The treatment depends on what is required for you as an individual patient. We always provide our patients with every option, ensuring that we start with the most conservative and minimalist approach to a concern. If further treatment is required, we can then proceed to this next stage. At Hills Dentistry, we always prioritise the patient, their needs and their best interests, always providing the most ethical dental treatment and management of their oral health.

4. I have not been to the dentist in a long time, can I still book an appointment?

Regardless of when your last dental visit was, Hills Dentistry will always welcome patients to start, or continue, their dental journey. We take the time to listen to our patients to formulate tailored care for them, providing every option and performing treatment that is in your best interest. 

It is never too late to begin your journey for optimal oral health and achieve a wonderful smile.

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